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493 - Vrbnik 5
314 - Bale 6
525 - Gabonjin 5
073 -  Rijeka 11
463 - Flair 1
376 - gradinje 9
000 - Galerija Kortil 2
091 - Baska 11
826 - 3D_MedRi 2

- DRIA Architects -


Thank you for visiting our site.

Our practice is located in Rijeka, the main port of the picturesque Kvarner bay, Croatia. Our team has been practicing architecture since 2001. We try to create better, more comfortable, functional, Eco-friendly and above all the type of architecture that suits their users. The architectural categories we are mostly focused on are the residential, education and hospitality architecture. We are offering our services in the field of detailed computer aided elaboration of architectural projects that includes creating sketches, drawings and 3D models, that allows us to evoke and visualize your project before actually building it. This makes the often long and laborious construction process more economical, efficient and easier with a briefer decision period. In other words we are here to guide you through the construction process, step by step, starting with “how to obtain permits” leading to the final decorative details of your new or renewed architecture, turning your ideas in reality. You are most welcome to contact us, request further information, review our projects  and impressions of our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you,


MF Arhitekti

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